• How to get the pattern on the stainless steel plate

    How are the stripes of stainless steel plates made?With the application of stainless steel plate more and more widely, we often see that the appearance of stainless steel has a variety of speckle pictures, so that stainless steel looks more beautiful. So how are the stripes of stainless steel plates made?1. StampingThis is also the most common method at present, and also a method with lower cost.

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  • What should be paid attention to when processing in Jiangmen stainless steel factory

    I. processing area:The processing area of stainless steel parts shall be relatively fixed. The platform of the stainless steel processing area shall adopt the blocking method, such as laying rubber pad, etc. The fixed management and civilized production of stainless steel processing area should be strengthened to prevent damage and pollution to stainless steel parts.II. Selection of tool material:

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  • What factors affect stainless steel rusting

    1. Content of alloy elements.Generally speaking, steel containing 10.5% chromium is not easy to rust. The higher the content of chromium and nickel, the better the corrosion resistance. For example, the content of nickel in 304 material is 8-10%, and the content of chromium is 18-20%. Such stainless steel will not rust in general.2. The training process of the manufacturer will also affect the cor

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