• How to judge the cleanliness of workpiece in Jiangmen hardware manufacturing and processing

    Qualitative comment on the method of cleanliness① wipe method: wipe the surface of the object with dry, clean and lint free cloth (such as gauze), and judge the surface cleanliness according to the degree of dust. This method is simple but not accurate.Water drop method & a method of evaluating cleanliness with contact angle. Under certain conditions, the larger the diameter of the water drop (a

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  • What are the causes of unilateral burr in hardware manufacturing and processing

    What is the cause of unilateral burr?The reasons for unilateral burr are as follows:1) mould assembly error. If the punch is not perpendicular to the fixed plate or is loose due to wear, or the locating pin is loose, the correct fixed position of the punch and the die cannot be ensured.2) poor guidance accuracy. The uniformity of the punching gap is affected by the misalignment of the upper and lo

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  • What drawing effects does Jiangmen stainless steel factory have

    There are many kinds of stainless steel wire drawing processing, the more common are straight lines and random lines, others are corrugated and threaded.1. Stainless steel wire drawing straight lines: this kind of wire drawing treatment is very common, and the processing is relatively simple. The result of processing is that many straight lines are formed on the surface. This kind of processing ca


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