• What are the anti-theft door accessories on the anti-theft door

    Every anti-theft door needs hardware. Without hardware, a complete door is impossible. Now the hardware of anti-theft door mainly includes:(1) hinge: the hinge can be divided into general hinge, pipe hinge and door hinge.General hinge: used for cabinet door, security door, etc. The raw materials are iron, copper and stainless steel. The defect of general hinge is that it does not have the function

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  • Why is the door mirror called "cat's eye"

    The real name of the cat's eye is the door mirror. Why is it called the cat's eye? Because the light refracts through it and looks at it in the distance. It looks like the light announced by the Persian cat's eye at night, so it's called the cat's eyeThe effect and principle of cat's eyeI. Effect of door mirrorLooking out from the inside through the door mirror, you can see all the phenomena

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  • Stainless steel dustproof device is the door latch

    I. what is the door latchThe bolt is a kind of anti-theft component to prevent the doors and windows from being opened from the outside. Modern door and window bolt tools are generally metal, while the ancient door and window bolt is wood structure. The bolt is generally divided into two parts, one is with a movable rod, the other is a bolt hole, also known as the bolt "nose".II. What are the di

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