How to get the pattern on the stainless steel plate

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How are the stripes of stainless steel plates made?

With the application of stainless steel plate more and more widely, we often see that the appearance of stainless steel has a variety of speckle pictures, so that stainless steel looks more beautiful. So how are the stripes of stainless steel plates made?

1. Stamping

This is also the most common method at present, and also a method with lower cost. By applying pressure to the mould, mould or roller, the local material is forced to deform plastically to get the stripes. Pressure processing includes stamping, static pressing or rolling. There is internal stress after stamping, and its stress and deformation decrease according to the above methods. According to the drawing function of the die and stainless steel plate, the stamping depth can be deep or shallow, and it can become a permanent mark with stress. Stainless steel embossing plate is processed by this process.


2. Chemical corrosion method

After all kinds of printing technology or photographic plate making, the stainless steel plate is first covered with an anti-corrosion film with a speckle picture, and then etched in a proper corrosive solution. After the film is removed, a high-precision picture is obtained. This method is suitable for mass production. This is how we usually make the money flower board and black titanium marble.

3. Carving and milling

Use mechanical equipment, such as engraving machine, profiling and printing machine, operate the rotating tool for milling or manual engraving. This method can only be engraved on the plane steel plate, and it is easy to carry out deep milling. The cost of this method is high, but the three-dimensional sense is strong.

4. Sand blasting

Use compressed air to spray high-speed emery on the surface of stainless steel plate blocked by the trick template to form a trick picture of sand surface. The surface of the sand blasting method is rough, and it is not easy to spray out thin strip pictures, and the depth is generally not greater than 0.08mm.

5. Electrochemical etching

The surface of the stainless steel plate which has been covered with the anti-corrosion film of the speckle picture is etched by the auxiliary electrode in the appropriate electrochemical corrosion solution, and then the etching speckle picture is obtained. The etching speed is fast and the pattern is deep, so special instruments and equipment are needed.

Article source: Jiangmen stainless steel factory

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