Stainless steel dustproof device is the door latch

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I. what is the door latch

The bolt is a kind of anti-theft component to prevent the doors and windows from being opened from the outside. Modern door and window bolt tools are generally metal, while the ancient door and window bolt is wood structure. The bolt is generally divided into two parts, one is with a movable rod, the other is a bolt hole, also known as the bolt "nose".

II. What are the differences between the plain bolt and the dark bolt?

Bolt, as the name implies, is a kind of anti-theft component to prevent the doors and windows from being opened from the outside. Such parts are widely used in most families. It is understood that 80% of the families in our country are equipped with such plugs. It is the most important thing of modern doors and windows. But the general bolt appliance is the metal type, it has two types, one is the partially movable rod, the other is the bolt hole, which is the well deserved "nose". The raw materials include wood and metal.

It is said that the difference between the light bolt and the dark bolt is mainly due to the difference of the bolt size. In other words, the different scales determine the low price of the bolt and the difficulty and simplicity of the device. The price of plain bolt is cheaper and the installation is more convenient. But the hidden bolt is more and more anti-theft, especially the flip type bolt, they can not be pried off by technology.


Can the bolt prevent theft?

The bolt belongs to something installed behind the door, and it is a component that can prevent theft. A way to stop people from prying open the door from the outside. It can effectively prevent thieves and lawbreakers. In a deeper sense, it is a set of pins fixed to the fixture with workpieces. It's the same as the latch lock, which is installed on the doorknob with the pin. Of course, there are different types of pins. Customers can choose the right one.

IV. what material is the most cost-effective?

Generally speaking, the bolt can be made of stainless steel, which is not easy to corrode. The user will not be damaged after a long time. Moreover, stainless steel material is more suitable for door handle. It has the function of sheath and explosion-proof. When users select the scale of the bolt, they can select the appropriate scale of their own door. After measurement, they can know how big their own scale is.

Article source: anti theft door accessories manufacturer

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